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It all started when I bought Tony Lucca‘s “Simply Six” EP back in 2001 — or was it 2002? I can’t remember — after meeting him at All-State Arena just outside of Chicago. I loved that EP. I still love that EP. I still listen to that EP. I have the jewel case sitting in my apartment.

Song’s like “She’s True” and “Happily Ever After” were beautiful testaments of a man who loved to love. But it was the song “Immaculate Dawn” that caught my attention.

Lucca went on to describe the scene that puts you in the midst of a life chock full of leisure, a life in which you know how good you have it all due in part to the “little things” like:

 Bed bugs and bunnies
Bull frogs and dogs
Ladies in lawn chairs, flip flops and clogs
Bar-b-qued feast
Suns turning red
Porqupine ashtray
Sleeping bag bed

It’s a nice sentiment he’s trying to convey but it’s the song title that caught me off the bat. As a new-ish songwriter at the time, I found myself enamored by the word “immaculate.” All I wanted to do was find an excuse to use it in a song. I didn’t want to rush it, though. It had to be the “right” song, otherwise, what’s the use?

Fast-forward a few years to 2006/2007. I can’t really remember WHEN “At Moonrise” was officially composed but it was sometime during those two years, of that I’m sure. And wouldn’t you know it … I used “immaculate” in a song. If we’re gonna get down to the nitty gritty then it has to be said that the adverb version of the word “immaculate” opens the entire prose portion of the song.

From the get go, the song sets up a scene:

Immaculately the sun comes up
Up above the horizon
But I like it better
When the moon rises

My earlier songwriting catered toward wordplay. That’s how “moon rise” as a concept even came to be. I doubt I was the first to ever combine the words to make a whole new trope but alas I feel that wordplay in songwriting is a fun way to keep yourself as a writer on your toes. Then again … I do love a good moon rise.

Picture it now: the sun’s setting a hot day, you’re at the beach with your toes digging deep into the sand (Incubus pun totally intended). Then there… off in the distance… there it is… the moon starts to rise. Stars start to twinkle just little bit brighter while the sky tints toward black. It’s quite the sight to be seen.

Wanna know a secret? I like to imagine it being North Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan in Chicago. True story.