Photo by Charlie Wachtel

“This is starting to sound like a record.”


When I heard those words uttered while listening to a play back of the guitar tracks producer Dave Mallen and I had just recorded, I felt tears of joy in my eyes. It was insane! In a good way. That moment was so satisfying. A song written four years ago not only got a new life but a makeover. And that song is looking good.

There’s going to be so much life in this album. That’s the difference between the musicianship displayed on my 2005 release and my 2008 studio session — the songs weren’t truly finished. They had soul but no resolution. There was no logical summary or story told. These songs for the new album, though, are fleshed out emotions set to music. That music then enhances the experience to give the story character. I think the end result will be really powerful.

We’ve started work on two songs out of the seven to-be-recorded thus far: Lucky Penny Blues and Circles. If you’ve ever seen me live then you’ve likely heard LPB. It’s a staple in my repertoire that I use to get myself warmed up and the crowd raring to go. The song’s a straight up blues jam that makes room for some sweet licks and dancing. Circles is more of a country folk-rock hybrid that tells a story with a moral to it. There’s a haunting quality to the music and a powerful lesson in the vocal line that makes it memorable.

Can’t wait for everyone to hear this thing. I’m already so proud of it.

– Rachel