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Photo Courtesy of Musicians On Call. All rights reserved.

A new partnership between Musicians On Call and Rachel Levitin was formed this week. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter will be joining the Bedside Performance Program as one of many musical volunteers nationwide who go room to room, bed to bed in hospitals to spread the healing power of music.

“It’s something I’m really looking forward to,” Levitin said.

Levitin started songwriting just months before her father’s heart transplant, an event which left the family spending time together at the hospital over the next decade. “I know it’s a unique perspective to have,” she said, “but I’m used to being around hospitals.”

“I know that my dad would have loved something like this. Someone stopping by to play him some James Taylor or Beatles tunes for him to sing-a-long to. It brings me joy to know that I have the opportunity to do something that is so special in the minds of my family.”

Levitin is a Chicago born singer-songwriter currently living in Washington, DC and working with Innovation Station Music owner/producer Dave Mallen on her first full-band album due out later this year.