As some of you know, I’m hard at work with Dave Mallen at Innovation Station Music in Arlington, Va. We’re working on my first full-band album. Needless to say, this project is moving right along. We’ve booked a drummer and will start tracking parts on February 18. It’ll be a full-day tracking session with a local (TBA) percussionist.

Each time I go to the studio to work on this album there comes a moment when I’m looking at myself as if I were watching Dave and I talking about these songs. When I started writing songs 12 years ago, it was more of a coping mechanism to help contemplate life and reflect on personal thought. Since then, it’s evolved into a passion that I simply cannot live without.

Being able to pour my thoughts out into song and then sing my heart out while strumming a guitar — all while creating art — it’s hard to describe the joy it gives me. It reminds me of a conversation I once had with my dad about why I liked the band New Found Glory so much in high school. I went on a giant rant for awhile about how the music just amps me up and that the feeling was “hard to describe.” He responded by saying, “I get it. It’s an adrenaline rush.” That’s exactly it.

Music — whether I’m writing it, playing it, or listening to it (live or otherwise) — is an adrenaline rush. It’s a free drug. And that is why I’m so excited to make this album. I get to have all this fun and then share it with the ether. That, in itself, is what satisfies me.

Stay tuned. The story of making this album will only get better as we continue to track the various instrumental parts and vocals. I look forward to sharing it with you.