Punch Profiles: People to Know / 11 Questions With Performing Artist Rachel Levitin By Punch Pep Correspondent Elizabeth Fischer

Another “rock”-solid plug for an up and coming performer– be able to say – I saw her when… (same as me about Sheryl Crow who I first saw play on the Landing in Downtown St. Louis for a July 4th celebration).  I first introduced this artist last month with my article “Gift, Bonding Relationship, Tragedy, New Beginnings, & A Year Full of Promise – Rachel Levitin.”  Now I reintroduce her, in her own words, with a Q & A about her tour.  To hear Rachel play come to the Capital City Showcase (details below).

In her short 22+ years, Rachel has experienced loss on a level not familiar to most – in 2009 she lost her dog, her father and both her grandmothers.  Yet with her tragedy came her vision.  And this year, specks of Rachel’s vision proliferated to fruition as her sadness fog lifted.  Rachel discovered (or in some cases rediscovered) her voice, her journey, a talent to be shared with others, a story to inspire, studio time, and, of course, her tour.

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