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There’s a song called “Never” that I wrote back in 2005. It was the last song written and recorded for my debut studio album “Come As You Are.”

“Never” was written under the guidance of the record’s producer Charlie Piper. At the time, I found myself itching for an eleventh track for the album because 18-year-old me thought that ten tracks wouldn’t be enough to prove myself as an aspiring songwriter.

While sitting in the studio listening to track playbacks, Piper taught me a chord inversion on guitar that I had never played before. That chord is the reason “Never” came into existence and “Never” is a song that I now look back on and wonder: “Why those lyrics? Why was I so obsessed with having unfinished business?”

The lyrics of “Never” describe a scenario in which a love goes unrequited. “Now I’m missing what I never really had,” is the main argument sung … but why? Teenage angst is the likely answer now that hindsight is working its magic.

But today – on the day that the very album in which “Never” was recorded as a part of was released digitally – I realize that there is no more unfinished business, at least in regards to the album itself.

“Come As You Are” is an album that will always hold a special place in my heart. Its tracks house the memories of high school that I’ll never forget. All of the emotion felt during a period of transition … it’s all there in the music. And as of today, that music is available for sale online for anyone in the world to purchase.

I don’t expect sales to boom. I don’t expect a fat paycheck to come my way any time soon. All I expect from this is satisfaction. From here on out, there will be no more wondering about what might have been if I had only gotten the album online for digital distribution. I can finally say “Been there. Done That.” It feels good.

So, if anything, I thank you for continuing upon this journey with me. It’s been quite a ride.

And if you’re a new listener, I hope you enjoy what you hear and keep an open mind. Music is an expression of what lies within the soul of a person, after all.

– Rachel

“Never” and the entire album “Come As You Are” is now available via CD Baby.